JOF Progress 6

I have finished Chapter 3 of Jewels of Falaindale, Aventurine of Opportunity.  I need to purchase a computer microphone next month but when I do, I will be recording an introduction and a reading of the first three chapters which will be placed onto Youtube.  I have had to change Chapter 3’s title and cut it off as I was going over the word limit but chapter 4 will be what I did not get in chapter 3 done.   However, Zing has been introduced and I have changed her appearance a bit as well as the appearance of the Starkey Bird race, intermixing fur and feathers.

Chapter 3 is now called Wingbeats and Chapter 4 will be Seekers.  Wingbeats is 8 pages long and 4,757 words on Microsoft Word/18 pages in my notebook.     It’s a lot longer than my other chapters I believe, but Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes come in at the end of the chapter and reveal themselves to Rhydian within the next chapter.


JOF Setting 1

Good morning if you are in the Midwest or on the eastern seaboard of the United States, good afternoon or good evening depending on where you are located within the world.  Progress on Aventurine of Opportunity is slowly coming along well. I am currently writing up stuff from a discord chat between myself and VeiledPariah on RPN into my notebook where then everything has to be typed up into word before I can continue on with my story.  I have these pictures on my deviantart but thought I would do something fun.   As I get pictures, I will post one a week for you concerning a setting, important location or a creature.    I have come up with a few more creatures for my series and am getting deeply invested into the world lore and such things.

I have updated this as I have not been consistent so I will be making one setting scene every Sunday from now on, that way my readers and/or followers have something to look forward to at the beginning of the week.  Formerly, this was published in May 2018 and then in July 2018.

For today’s picture, you will see a Mausoleum.


Built 69 years ago and lying in the forested burg of Eshelnor within Alondale, it was designed and built by orcs and the burg’s main attraction.   The design of the building could be seen as resembling those of ancient Greek and Roman architecture on earth but more roughly hewn on the inside with pictures of stormy landscapes, pictures of the God of Death and pictures of battles.   Torches and hanging candelabras within give a ghostly feeling, the floors themselves laid with wood from the forest while the walls are marble. 

Eshelnor-Engineered in a forest, the burg of Eshelnor is home to humans, vampires, elves, and halflings lead by Baron Eustis. This burg wasn’t built by a forest by accident, as it has natural defenses, which is of great importance to the people of Eshelnor and its success. The burg itself looks mediocre. With its murky wooden rooftops, gray walls and murky woods, Eshelnor has a supernatural atmosphere. The main attraction is the mausoleum, which was built 69 years ago and designed by orcs. Eshelnor has a progressing economy, which is mainly supported by jewelcrafting, trade and leatherworking. But their biggest strengths are delicate tailoring and master engineering. However, Eshelnor lacks people skilled in farming.

The Mausoleum of Eshlenor lies within the land of Alondale.

Contact Information

Hello everyone,

I have recently created an author facebook page and an author email where fans may get in touch with me about my books.

My facebook page is Quill Ink.

My author email address is

Followers are welcome to follow me on Facebook or message me via PM as well as leave comments here.  My website, Silent Lair, remains the same.  Eventually I hope to make an interactive website for fans with Jewels of Falaindale.

JOF Chapter Title Change 2

Chapter 3 has been changed from Seekers to Wingbeats.  This is due to my changing direction with the chapter and not reaching Awuxhull like planned so I decided on a name that was appropriate for the nature of the chapter.  Wingbeats is aptly named due to the semi-tame griffin stealing Bazyrios, Alis’s alicorn companion, and then Rhydian getting his pet griffin as well as Bazyrios back.

JOF Progress 5

Hello everyone.  I apologize for being an idiot, I forgot that I have three other creatures for the JOF Settings.  I will be posting one on Thursday and might have some more over the next few days, it depends on how busy VeiledPariah is and if he gets any rest. I’m patient, I expect my readers to be as well.

This update is the fact that I have come up with a universal-wide currency on Xaythea instead of separate money systems.  This makes it easier to for paying armies, buying goods and services and trade…things that one would likely do in the 17th century.

From least worth to most worth we have the following coins:

  • Vicla-iron (least worth)
  • Rebiso-bronze
  • Pagdo-copper
  • Crescents-silver
  • Fiya-zinc
  • Arboa-platinum
  • Iso-gold (most worth)

Vicla has a slight sheen to it due to having some nickle mixed in with it.  It helps distinguish the coin from weapons which are made of iron and steel though arrows are of course made from wood.  Then we have Souls which is worth the most and is cash.  Souls come in the following denominations though only the nobility really only have 75 to 1,000 Soul notes. The Souls in red are generally seen among the poorer classes and servants along with coins though they also usually only have Vicla to Pagdo coins, Souls in purple are what the working class,merchants/traders,  generally have and they have from Vicla to Crescents in coins, Souls in royal blue are generally reserved for nobility/the rich people along with all coins from Vicla to Iso and of course all Souls.

  • 1 Soul
  • 2 Soul
  • 5 Soul
  • 10 Soul
  • 15 Soul
  • 20 Soul
  • 50 Soul
  • 75 Soul
  • 100 Soul
  • 500 Soul
  • 1,000 Soul

JOF Progress 4

I am pleased to announce I have finished The Long Path as of yesterday or rather, to be accurate, early this morning (around 4AM or something EST for those readers within the United States).  I had to do some editing to get the chapter down to the correct word length but I have managed it.  My only mistake was not including a paragraph within my notebook that I had typed into my private discord chat with VeiledPariah.  This may not seem like much but it messes me up when I have something typed in Microsoft Word that is not in my notebook.   So, I had to go back and rewrite everything from a certain point.

The Long Path is 7 pages/4,362 words in Microsoft Word and 16 1/2 pages in my notebook.

I have started working on Seekers which is chapter 3 of Aventurine of Opportunity.  So far, the page count for the book is 18 pages/8,746 words in Microsoft Word.  So, I would say that is good progress in my opinion.  As my goal is to get a book out in this series every two years, I need to do quite a bit of work in order to achieve this.  I have not even started planning chapters four through six yet though if Seekers ends the way I hope, I know how it will begin.