Jof Animal 4

I drew this on Friday (August 9, 2019) at my grandmother’s.  I was not expecting to draw so did not bring my sketchbook or my drawing tools.  Thus it is not colored but it was done out of boredom and after my Storsozelle drawing.  I hope you all enjoy it.  Stats are based on a California Newt & a common newt.


Fusa-This astonishing and rare creature is a type of reptile. It’s about the size of a newt, had two legs and two arms, and a thick, powerful tail. They have a soft, smooth skin covered in large, strong scales which is usually black, gray, yellow or white or a combination of these colors. They live in mountainous areas and are common. They’re carnivores and their small, narrow mouths, their teeth and short tongue are ideal for eating insects. They’re diurnal and rely on their senses of sight and smell to get around. They do have short, pointy ears but their hearing is not very reliable. They have tiny noses and large, elliptical eyes. Their heads are large and wide in comparison to their bodies. These creatures are very calm, but they’re quite territorial. They mate every three to four months and they mate and bond with a select few partners for life. Which, with their fairly short lifespans, is only normal.  Lifespan: 6 years, Length: 5-8″ (13 to 20 cm though males are slightly larger than females), Weight: 6-11 g, Sexual Maturity: 3 Years (both sexes), Gestation: 2-3 weeks, Larval Period: 7 months, Clutch: 7-30 eggs



Quick Lore Changes

Hi everybody. I did some quick changes to the following pages: JOF Races, Council, and Dominant, Submissive and Switch Werewolves.

Points changed:

  • I have added something about switches and what they are good at
  • I have made the werebears have 2 forms, like the werecats, however the werebears have a slightly humanoid-bear appearance normally.  For the most part they look like normal humans minus their claws, their glowing eyes, bear ears, sharpened teeth and fur on their back, shoulders and arms.
  • I have added a tad bit of info on the werebears, making another way for the half-bloods to be born between a pureblood and half-blood as well as making it possible for the half-bloods to remain stuck in bear form due to potential insanity, a curse or suffering a severe loss (such as the death of a mate or the loss of their family clan).
  • I have noted that, with the Runimagi, only the strongest can have five or six animal tattoos with the most common being 1-4 tattoos on their body.  Basically every Runimagi gets 1 tattoo on their body upon reaching adolescence (8 years old by normal standards or middle childhood according to Runimagi culture).   Remember, according to Runimagi culture, they are children from 4-12 years but to other races they age differently (children from 4-7 years) so there are quite a few outsiders who find it odd to see Runimagi have their own aging system then what the other races view their appropriate aging.  They also find it odd how the Runimagi’s skin color changes as they age, even the Rakash whose scales become duller with age.


Elementals are not human and not animal but their own race in a way for they can be thought of as their own race.   Long ago, the godling children of Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes pleaded to make their own creations and thus they were allowed, each child making an elemental race of their own and supervised by Calius who used magic from the galaxy help form them and the lost elemental Void.   Taking some of the elements of nature, elementals can be thought of as the second ancient race.  Rather these known elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Lighting, Light and Dark as well as the lost elements of Aura, Chaos, Storm, and Void were created with these latter four being lost elementals and rarely seen except abroad.

Elementals, however, are thought to be nothing more than myths, for nobody has come across them in centuries and so they have faded into stories of times long past.  What many do not know is that elementals are immortal and some, such as Chaos and Void can be very dangerous.   Some communities are generally more tolerant of outsiders than others though.


0-1 Years:: freshborn

2-5 Years:: child

6-50 Years:: adolescent

51-100 years:: young adult

101-200 Years:: adult

201+ Years:: elder

Though immortal, the elementals are able to be killed by disease or attacks by other elementals.  Lost elementals can be killed by enchanted weapons or magic or the God or Goddess that created them.  The races would find them very difficult, if not impossible, to kill.

Primary Gestation:: Elementals don’t normally breed, save for hybrids and mixes between different elemental types. However, those that do have a gestation period befitting whatever physical form they take on while pregnant.

To successfully carry a pregnancy to term, an elemental must have the capability of holding a physical form not only for conception, but holding it all through the latter half of the pregnancy and birth.  A dormant child must have been given enough energy to survive and a soul gem by Xatix, otherwise the energy held within the child will simply fade away to nothing.

Breeding and Reproduction

Elementals are dormant until they awaken with a new soul gem.  They are the extreme magical energies of the universe and earth personified, therefore it takes time and energy to learn to create and hold a physical form.  Elementals often spend several years after their creation in their ethereal form after their birth, save for those with natural physical forms (such as those with nature or earth elements).

Elementals can have hybrids between their respective elements or among their own element if the can maintain physical form long enough. Two elementals, of any gender, may rarely beget offspring  if they are the same element, and are powerful enough to spare the energy lost in the process.  In this method of reproduction, both parents temporarily fuse together into one being, then release portions of their combined energy

However, due to the enormous amount of energy needed to maintain a true physical form, procreating with more physical races is known to be incredibly difficult.  If a female is able to maintain and hold a physical form long enough, then there is a small chance of a half-elemental hybrid being born.  Males have an easier time of this and thus sire more hybrid children than their female counterparts can bear, though these hybrids tend to be significantly weaker in their elemental ability.

Appearance and Culture

Elementals are naturally drawn to each other.  Like attracts like, and communities of similar elementals form small community groups.  Elementals are the living manifestations of the elements themselves, given life by certain Gods and Goddesses through the binding power of elements throughout the universe that make up life’s very existence.  These taken forms are generally tenuous in their solidarity, and regularly dissolve when an elemental feels threatened. An elemental’s true form is a floating mass of their element, and their taken form is anything they forge themselves into otherwise. Fully physical forms are utilized by powerful elementals who may contain their element within a solid body without harming themselves or others. When in their taken forms, they can be of any shape, mainly driven by the elemental’s personality.  No two elementals will appear exactly the same.

Fire: Fire elementals were created by Rodar.  Typically of a volatile nature, flame elementals find it difficult to create a truly physical form. They burn with such intense heat that flammable items nearby are often set aflame as they pass. When they do manage a physical form, whatever it is seems perpetually to be burning up, and ashes constantly follow in their wake. Occasionally, there will be elementals who appear more as beings of magma than flames. Only the oldest, or most gifted, fire elementals may adopt fully physical forms that will not set fire to whatever they touch.  They value strength and power, often competing to see who can make the tallest column of flames in both social and special occasions. Outsiders may see the community as brash and aggressive without knowing better.

Water: Water elementals were created by  Water elementals find forms easier to maintain, though choosing one is a particular difficulty. Usually, they are completely made up of a liquid that can range from a clear, countryside stream to the grimy muck found in local swamps. Regularly, water elementals will leave trails of water behind them as they travel unless their control over a taken form is especially strong.  These communities are very laid back. They like to go with the flow, often taking turns between ecstatic action and long breaks of relaxation as the mood hits them.Outsiders can and do see these communities as lazy and chaotic; sometimes, they’re more right than they realize.

Air: Air elementals were created by Vutrix.  These elementals are a flighty bunch, and though they can create their forms easier than some of the others, it is very difficult to see at all. The way to spot an air elemental is to look for distortions in the appearance of objects behind them, or to look for something responding to a localized breeze.  Some of the stronger elementals are able to catch and hold clouds or dust within their forms to help others see them, though these continuously move and shift, leading some with weak stomachs to avoid looking at them entirely. Very rarely may an air elemental hold a fully visible, or physical, appearance. Outsiders often see them as aloof communities without knowing the full investment these groups hold in other happenings.  Air communities may be either quite difficult to spot, or catastrophic to the weather patterns of the area. Outsiders often see them as aloof communities without knowing the full investment these groups hold in other happenings.

Earth: Earth elementals were created by Eskar.  Earth elementals have the easiest time creating both taken and physical forms, and often have the most diverse appearances. While some may consist of stone, earth, or sediment in a living shape, others may appear to be moving groups of plants, trees, and other flora. Combinations of these are also possible; such as stones covered in plantlife, or plants with certain features constructed of stone.  Rarely, earth elementals may consist of metal ore, though they naturally bear nothing resembling forged pieces when they do.  An earth community is stubborn by nature. They value tradition and regularly keep records of seemingly mundane things because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. From the outside, these communities may appear less stubborn to new ideas, but just because they keep track of it does not mean it will get implemented.

Lightning: Lightning elementals were created by Lorasil. These elementals have a very difficult time attempting to create taken or physical forms. Without them, they are simply energy and plasma, with very little hinting that they may be sentient beings. Even those few who manage the feat have difficulty maintaining a taken form, giving it a crackling quality whose edges constantly shift from their proper places.  As they walk, small jolts of energy discharge into nearby conductors, and living things regularly become dazed if they come in contact with one of these elementals.  These communities are the most impulsive and least likely to settle until something important is blasted to bits by an overload of energy. They prefer action over inaction and sometimes collide with each other in the process of getting places, resulting in massive discharges to the nearest conductive surface.  Usually judged to be idiots and inconsiderate, most outsiders are unaware of the intricate decision-making that happens within a split section. If they truly acted without thought at all, there would be much more destruction than there is around their communities.

Ice: Ice elementals were created by Freya.  Ice elementals are exactly that: beings of crystallized water given life. Some will appear almost pure blue, while other seem white and nearer to snow. Some of the older elementals may even make their form of pure ice, trapping bubbles of air or hairline cracks in their physical form.   Where they walk, a thin film of frost covers all surfaces, quickly melting away in warmer climates. In this case, adopting a physical form means controlling their temperature to where they may not freeze whatever they touch without intent.   These communities are known to be cautious, often taking twice the amount of time considered descent before making a final decision.  Tactical observations and the ability to perceive an issue in its entirety are valued highly in these communities.  Outsiders might think them slow and inefficient, and though they are slow, the decisions made by these communities often lead to the greatest possible efficiency and success of any of the options available at any given moment.

Dark: Dark elementals were created by Vutrix.  These elementals are composed of pure shadows and dark energy. Some seem to roll and roil together like storm clouds while others appear two-dimensional and flat. In stronger specimens, light tends to bend toward these elementals, making their features even more difficult to see.  Mostly active at night, these communities are disturbingly silent. Dark communities have been accused of secrecy and evil intent in the past, but the truth is that they really value modesty and independence. Members of a community do not speak of inappropriate topics, and the neighbors frankly do not need to know about every thought that crosses one mind.  This has led to an unfortunate number of more malicious beings apparently hailing from these communities, it is only because the others do not think it appropriate to control the course another being wishes to take.

Light: Light elementals were created by Ruzotz, God of the Sky, Animals, Spirits &  Science.  These elementals are anywhere from a soft glow to a blinding blaze of light, their forms only distinguishable by the dimmer rays coming off of it. More powerful individuals seem to eliminate shadows around them completely, making them appear either two dimensional, or simply a silhouette of light. These communities are the most welcoming to visit, and often members will approach visitors and engage in conversations without warning. They value transparency and truth, and they’ve done their best to be allies with the dark communities, believing in the balance that is created when the two work together. From outside, light communities appear overly trusting and too talkative, but they are formidable enough to hold their own if they need to.


Fire: Fire elementals utilize their flames for a variety of purposes; everything from casting balls of fire at their enemies to summoning flames to burn are common. Much rarer is the ability to control pure heat or magma within volcanoes. In desperation, a fire elemental may unleash their full potential in an enormous explosion, the beginnings of an incredible forest fire, or even the eruption of a nearby volcano.  Fire elementals can control, manipulate and generate heat as well. Fire elementals tend to be the hottest creatures in existence, that they can even make dragons uncomfortable and prefer to be in places that are barren or in underground caverns or volcanoes where they cannot harm anything or anyone.

Water:  Commonly, these elementals can use available water and bend it to their will. This includes but is not limited to rivers, bodies of water, rain, humidity, and their physical forms. Some are able to control mist or fogs, but very few are able to control the blood of living beings. Older elementals may generate water, such as rain, for their use. Final acts of desperation have included tsunami waves, hurricanes, and severe, sudden floods.  They tend to be found in most large bodies of water from creeks to the oceans.

Air: In an air elemental’s repertoire, wind gusts are the easiest to control, and they can range from huge gales meant to push over the target to sharp zephyrs meant to tear through defenses. It is also possible to summon large tornadoes, though this ends up being a last-ditch effort for all but the most powerful of air elementals. Some rare elementals are able to control sound and soundwaves in anything from focused, concussive blasts to far-reaching echoes used for long-distance communication. Air elementals tend to be found within mountains.

Earth: Earth elementals can shape and manipulate earth as well as plants.  Elementals of earth utilize available material around them whether it is dirt, gravel, mud, sand, plants, trees, or other related things. They are an excellent defensive element, and are the most resilient of their kind, though those that appear to be made of flora are significantly less. Some earth elementals have used their full potential to create giant sinkholes, collapse mountains, or cause an entire forest to explosively grow.  Often, these elementals either turn into statues, join with local plantlife, or dissolve into dust once they’ve done this final, desperate act.

Lightning: Lightning elementals generate electricity and manipulate storms.  Lightning elementals utilize electricity as their base ability; anything from lightning bolts to static shocks are possible. Some are able to go on the offensive with their taken forms at breakneck speed, and their attacks become almost completely invisible.  Desperate lightning elementals go out by causing the largest lightning storm or single bolt an area has ever seen, vaporizing a large area, or similar feats of destruction.

Ice: Many ice elementals may utilize their abilities for anything from thrown spikes of ice to entire walls meant to deflect enemy attacks. They are also known to be able to manipulate pure cold sometimes, and others may be able to manipulate the weather and cast small-scale snowstorms at will. Accounts of enormous blizzards and entire cities encased in ice have been noted from ice elementals in last-ditch efforts, rendering extreme destruction.  Ice elementals can also manipulate cold and control a fire known as ice-fire which is a freezing fire so cold it burns and freezes anything it touches.  Ice elementals tend to be found within tundra, mountains and snowy regions.  They find it difficult to live in warmer climates and too much heat can kill them easily.

Dark: It is usual for dark elementals to use shadows as their powers develop, though some have been able to master black fire or poisonous fumes. More powerful members are able to use a pure, suffocating blackness and the ability to corrupt perfectly normal and healthy objects. These elementals go out with the intensity of a solar eclipse, often killing off large portions of flora, fauna, and population in a single, final act of desperation. Afterwards, they simply melt into the shadows and disappear forever.

Light: Summoning light in darker places is commonplace for these elementals, as is sudden flash bombs and white fire. There have also been cases where light elementals can use healing and purification energies as well. The full potential of a light elemental is extreme, and sometimes lovely. It is rumored the first aurora was created by one, and another gave their life to heal an entire city of plague. One can really only see the remains of a light elemental when they go out in a dark place, namely the drifting light that seems to live in a place for years until it dims out of existence. Extreme, prolonged darkness may sap a light elemental’s energy, and eventually kill them.

Lost Elementals

All Lost Elementals live in reclusion for they are nearly extinct.   They are immortal, though can die like the regular elementals, and appear as animals.  Aura Elementals are the only ones that can project their soul out of their bodies and remain in control of their conscious.  If any of the other three lost elementals were to try this, they would go insane.

Aura Elementals: Created by Dutphine, Goddess of the Moon, Funerals, Seasons, and Health.  Strongest of all elementals, and the rarest among them. These elementals are comprised entirely of spiritual energy, and while they may take any form, their eyes will always betray what they are: these swirl with their reiatsu, and may never change color nor be hidden.  Aura elementals have immense control over their own reiatsu; they may manifest it in various ways, and utilize it much to their will. Younger aura elementals may have a difficult time keeping more solid manifestations, while older individuals will have learned the nuances in their control to make devastating reiatsu attacks, unique manifestations, among other things.

Chaos Elementals: Created by Byndros, the God of Vengeance and Misfortune.  A rare elemental comprised of fire, water, air and earth. Their bodies are formed of each of these four elements, and they cannot be parted from any of them; thus, they are rarely able to hold a single ‘solid’ form for very long. Most take the vague shape of species they have seen, or of a mixture of animals, rarely humanoid. Very old chaos elementals are able to solidify their form much more easily. In their true forms, chaos elementals appear as a mass of swirling elements, all four parts equal, without any recognizable features.  Chaos elementals have control over their four elements and little else. They are immensely powerful in these elements, capable of vast destruction, but also have a tendency to overtax and/or lose control depending on the situation. Younger chaos elementals may be unstable to an extreme in their power, and much more apt to lose control than older elementals.

Storm Elementals: Created by Drunthys, Goddess of Order, Law and Justice.  A rare elemental comprised of water, wind and lightning. Though less chaotic in form-changing than the chaos elemental, a storm is less able to hold a physical form for very long than any single-element individual like them. Their bodies are often loose and vague, coming apart in flashes of lightning or bleeding mist, and they’ll often leave rainwater wherever they go. Most will choose humanoid forms, though some are more partial to the bestial. Solid forms that contain their elements entirely can often only be achieved by very old or very strong individuals, and those that have a catalyst of some sort to aid them in such an endeavor.  Storm elementals may utilize lightning, water, and wind magic – and little else. However, they are extremely powerful in these elements, and use them with skill not usually seen in like creatures with similar elements. On the other hand, storm elementals may have a difficult time controlling their power and especially their speed: most storm elementals move significantly faster across (and sometimes through) most surfaces than many living species.

Void Elementals: Created by Calius himself, they are the most dangerous of the elementals. Void elementals are extremely rare creatures, incredibly rare and cannot reproduce for they are created within the confines of the void itself.  They are consisted of black energy that devours light, save for minute specks like minuscule stars.  Sometimes, these stars are brighter than others, and may appear in multiple colors; their forms are insubstantial, and can never be fully physical. All Void elementals have eyes that shift and change in hue, and glow with a brightness that cannot be quenched. Certain elements (light, fire, and lightning), pure energy and reiatsu assaults can be deadly to them, and may eradicate them completely or send them back to the Void, breaking their connection with the physical world. Enchanted weapons may also harm them, but unenchanted things have no effect.  Many Void elementals do not have stable personalities. They are unpredictable, chaotic, and uncontrollable; they often inspire fear where they go, and are regarded as terrible omens of death.  Void Elementals tend to visit all the planets and dwell within the realms of Rignoya (the heaven of the people) or Pasura (the hell of the people), Vituran (where the dwarven, orc and kitsune realm of death), Etaden or Chakhan (not much knowledge is had about these last two realms).

JOF Progress 19

I did some slight working on JOF.  Not so much writing or planning but in the next 3 days you will see the Fusa (Jof Animal 4) and next Saturday will see the Storsozelle (Jof Animal 5).  I changed Zing’s post title from JOF Animal 3 to Zing Zalyon.  Over the weekend (August 8th 2019 evening to today (8/14/2019-that is August for you non-Americans), I had to watch my boy Outlaw and Bella who you might remember is my grandmom’s dog.  Well anyway, I did not expect to do any drawing.  But I got bored so I decided I would attempt drawings.   I drew the Fusa & the Storsozelle.  If you remember, the Storsozelle is the cousin of the Qalapi.

Well…Fusa is based on a california newt with some of its statistics as well as the common newt statistics I believe (lifespan wise and length I believe).  I had a difficult time with the drawing of my Storsozelle as I was trying to look at both the gazelle and the greyhound on my iphone.  Difficult but if you draw I am sure you know that.  Originally the tail and body were more gazelle like…I did some editing with those. Tail became skinny, chest got replaced and deepened while stomach got a bit high like in a greyhound (you know how the stomach starts out flat and then goes tilting upwards? Yeah I made it like that.), plus I tried to fix its back legs with the greyhound look…overall I like both.

I just got done adding the drafts to Quills of the Abyss and they are on my deviantart and personal facebook page.

I made a lifespan for the Strifoo and the Jaguween in my Animals of Xaythea notes in my JOF folder on my flash drive.  Strifoo was a bit of a pain to find info on as there are apparently a lot of python species.  I got info for Fusa details plus removed Zalyon from my animals altogether (since it’s a race).

I made a twitter account (I have one but I made an author one) and in that regard I made a galaxy using Fantasy Name Generator Galaxy.   My author twitter is @ZAlcyoneus, shortened for Zeta Alcyoneus which is the galaxy JOF is in.  Does this mean I might make more stories within this solar system.  Hmmm…potentially.  I am not entirely certain yet of future stories in the galaxy.

Have I told you all of my discord author wise?  I don’t feel like looking so here it is: zoink#5793 and join Abyss Quills server.  This is if you wish to chat with me about my books, slim as they are.

I hope to try scenes.  I attempted to draw Alis walking away from Lady Nitrix and Bazyrios but I suck at drawing people so that might take a while to do.  I also have a possible scene of Lady Nixtrix, Lord Vamdes and Rhydian in Grimcrest plus that new character I might have mentioned that will be joining the crew soon looking down at a desk.   You’ll have to wait but I can tell you…the character is not human…so feel free to guess what they are of my races.

JOF Progress 18

Hi everybody. It’s Sunday, for those in the USA, and I am happy to write that I wrote something for The Chase.  Alis has been captured by Bahtiyar along with Zing though Zing is currently escaping after being set free by Alis when the two were up on deck. The storm scene I wrote sometime last year will be in as well as another storm scene to rescue Alis, the werebear and the werecat prisoners.

Starkey Birds have been changed to Zalyon and Suon Wolves has been shortened to Suon.  I thought that was all easier. It isn’t a lot of changes but it is enough.

I also wrote distances, after calculating them of how long it takes the twins, so far, to get to a certain place.  So far…the story starts in Grass Moon. It took 4 days (well dawn on the 4th day so really 3 days at sea) for the king of Falaindale to escape Bahtiyar’s clutches.  It took Alis 1 week and 4 days to reach Calcherth.   It took a week to reach Awuxhull from Grimcrest and three days to get from Calcherth to Grimcrest.  It is currently the last week of Grass Moon.

The Festival of Maglif takes place the second week of Plant Moon.  They will rest and recover someplace safe while their ship is repaired.

It will be Plant Moon soon.  Damage so far to the Ascension; the main mast is blown half off and there is some damage in the side of the ship from cannon fire. Looking online, it looks like it will take a while to fix as I am making this series as realistic as possible, minus all the fantasy elements, so they might need another ship in the meantime. I suppose I could end up shortening the time span since this is fantasy.  Will I cover an entire month into one chapter? I am not certain yet.  If I go realistic and make it say….3 months to get their ship repaired, they will be drydocking it to turn it over to fix, it would be Hot Moon of the season Alsayf (summer) by the time they get their repairs done.  Now, depending on this, they could do some land travel in the meantime and allow me (and the readers/characters) to explore one of the continents (Alondale) so that might be a tempting offer.

As for what year it is, I have not yet decided, nor come up with the birthday of the twins’ but they would have had their birthday before starting their journey.  So possibly their birthday was in Fuyu (Winter), possibly Hunger Moon or Storm Moon.  Year wise….I need to think on this as well.   Anyway, I thought everyone would appreciate the update as it has been a while.  Starkey Birds has been updated to Zalyon appropriately.

Title Change Companion Book One

Hello everyone.  I mentioned I had added a new companion book a couple days ago, Ancient History of Xaythea in a previous blog post.  Looking over my companion books, I thought my title for Songs of Xaythea was not…unique…unique enough, yeah, for it.  So the title change, I know we haven’t had a title change in a while have we, is now Voices of Xaythea.  This has been updated via the tag ‘title change’ and of course within JOF Companion Books.

What will these books be about?

Voices of Xaythea will be songs and poems of all races within Xaythea.

Flora of Xaythea which will have little facts and pictures of all the flora (plants/trees) of Xaythea. I need to work more on the flora of Xaythea.  Kind of like a…like an exploration guide.

Fauna of Xaythea which will have the drawings and facts of all the fauna (animals) of Xaythea.  Also set up like an exploration book which will be fun to write.  Now…why I am not just combining the flora and fauna into one book?   Are you kidding me? With the way I come up with animals to populate Xaythea?  I don’t think anyone would publish that, it would be way too long.  I am going to throw in all my extinct animals in there as well.  Dangit…and now I’m excited to work on that but my artisan skills still suck.  Really really need to continue practicing drawing animals.

Ancient History of Xaythea will be stories from all the races of Xaythea, past and present, as well of stories not taking place within the twins’ lifespan and their adventures.   Will I include stories of them when they get their kingdom back? Potentially…at the moment I am not entirely certain.