October Nano 2018 Update

Hello everyone. My head is killing me so I’m going to go to bed after this.

I just wanted to say I got the character sheets for Detective Luciana Audrey Miller (my protagonist) and her sidekick, Count Saul Gabriel Lambert (dhamphir), written up though it took me a while.  I just have to arrange the sheets so that they are nice like with my antagonist.

That is all the info I have done so far for October.  Next month I start the book and see if I can get through 50,000 words.  Most likely not but it will be a challenge.


Super Continents

Greetings everyone.   Today I am going to release my three super continents and my desert continent to my readers and followers.  This ties in with JOF Lands.

First is the desert continent Yetraezica.

  • Inspiration for Yetraezica was taken from the Middle East/Arabian Peninsula & North Africa
  • The continent name is pronounced “Yeh-tray-zee-cah”
  • The continent has settlements though so far only eight settlements are known, mostly to each other
  • The climate is mostly hot desert climate with temperatures up into triplet digits of the low one hundreds Fahrenheit.


  • Lies in the middle of Xaythea along the equator with miles of ocean water around it
  • Divided into three distinct regions; rain forest in the east, savanna in the west and lagoon dunes in the south
  • It is the size of the super continent Lurasia
  • Pronounced “Pip-laugh”
  • Only two communities are known, an outpost known as the Sea Rampart and the port city of Penzance.
  • Relatively unknown to the rest of Xaythea


  • Vaizuin is pronounced “Vay-zoo-in”
  • The size of Arctica and Antarctica combined
  • Has a subarctic climate with short summers and long winters
  • Blizzards are frequent and can last months
  • The continent has six months of night and six months of sun
  • Lies north of Snowdale and surrounded by Artsnow Ocean, non-existent to the populace of Xaythea


  • It is the size of Asia
  • Composed of desert, scrub land and volcanic desert with ancient dry lava tubes underneath that have gone extinct along with the volcanoes
  • Lies close to Yetraezica, enough for trading to occur between the two lands.
  • The people in this land are nomads
  • Pronounced “Oo-core-ah”

Nano 2018 Hocking Serial

So it’s almost November and that means trying to write a novel of 50,000 words at least in an entire month.  This is going to be a challenge for a few reasons:

  • I’ve never attempted writing a novel in a month
  • I have not been into writing lately as my muse has been shot which means no ideas are flowing
  • I have too many other ideas in my head for fan fiction stories, forcing me to again cut down to only my favorite ideas to work with
  • I never seem to make time in the day, let alone the week to write
  • It usually takes me a few months to plan a story before writing it
  • I haven’t even got much info concerning my detective and the sidekick

Dear me, what am I going to do?  I have adopted some opening lines though from Adopt an Opening Line on Nano’s website and put them into a word document on my PC.

I’ve announced my novel as Hocking Serial for the Nano 2018 challenge.

Work and planning, these are things I need to accomplish and do.  I keep telling myself I need to make a schedule but I never do so. On top of this, I haven’t been writing in Aventurine of Opportunity either but with November coming up in 3 weeks, I need to figure out something. I don’t know if I will yet use one of these opening lines I’ve adopted into Hocking Serial yet or not.  I need to think it over.

JOF Setting 5

alis cliff scene
Chapter 1-The Quest


Takes place at the end of The Quest, chapter 1,  of Jewels of Falaindale Aventurine of Opportunity.  Drawn by VeiledPariah, this is the result.  To the left is the raft that was a bit damaged after smashing into rocks and the beach running at the bottom of the cliff.  Alis’s father took that raft and fled the Sea Rover, a ship he was kept captive on for several decades until he escaped in The Quest (Chapter One).  Alis’s sword, her father’s sword-Espada) is on her left hip and there’s a belt around her waist.   This is before she saves the young unicorn that will be turned by the Mother of All, Lady Nitrix whom is Goddess of Life, into an alicorn.  Alis has just left for the journey her father parted upon her, and is staring at the twin suns that are rising above the water, one of the three moons of Xaythea the only testament to the dawn that is coming upon the planet.

JOF Setting 4



Ancestral home of the Malmorn, Werebears and Werecats, it is the size of Southeast Asia and is a land full of magic with varied landscapes.  The black area is unimportant, I didn’t want to erase it nor could I figure it out without messing up the entire picture.  I used a map I found online of Southeast Asia, then paint to color it all in.  Mountains are in the northwest (the gray), alpine plateau in the northern half of the country, steppe/plains in the southern and central half, the island (red) is the swamp forest, the tan is Thule Desert.  Vampires, shifters, Dargmon and Orcs live here as well. Storzine is located at the southern end of Ucora.

JOF Animal 4


Drawn by VeiledPariah, this is a cross between a seal and a sea lion. It is pronounced Seh-ca-sill.

Secasel-This fierce and uncommon creature is a type of aquatic mammal. It’s about the size of a seal, has four side fins, a long, strong dorsal fin and a short muscular tail. They have a thick, but delicate skin which is usually either dark red pink, dark yellow or black or a combination of these colors. They live in oceans but will pursue prey into rivers and estuary. They have four strong flippers which allow them to haul themselves onto land and move about. They’re carnivores and their small mouths, their teeth and short tongue are ideal for eating fish and other marine animals. They are diurnal and rely on their sense of smell and hearing to get around. They have large, elliptical eyes that are varying shades of brown. They have wide noses with distinctive V-shaped nostrils and no visible ears. Their heads are small in comparison to the rest of their bodies. They communicate via barks, grunts, and slapping the water with their flippers. These creatures are very calm, but they’ll fiercely defend their territory. They mate once a year with one or two partners in their lifetime. They spend most of their time at sea, only coming to land or pack ice to breed and give birth. A smooth layer of blubber lies under the skin and they have sleek, smooth bodies. They can dive to depths of 1,000 feet and remain submerged for over an hour. Lifespan: 30 years; Mass: 55-168 kg (120-370 pounds)-males; Pups: 1-2 pups; Gestation: 9 months; Length: 1.85 m (6.1-feet)-males; Females are smaller.

JOF Progress 6

Hello everyone.  I have an update.  I have finally gotten back into writing Aventurine of Opportunity and have quite a bit written in the span of a day.


Zing has finally been purchased and then set free.

Rhydian and Alis got into a couple arguments concerning buying Zing as Rhydian is worried naturally about feeding someone else on the journey and went on to explain he cannot legally work since he left his apprenticeship.

Rhydian met Lady Nitrix and Lord Vamdes but doesn’t remember after Bazyrios (Alis’s alicorn) was taken away by a hag while they watched the monthly slave auction of Grimcrest take place.  The hag who took Bazyrios was killed by Vamdes (God of Death-brother to Nitrix) but Rhydian worries he killed her since his memory of meeting the “Mother of All” and “Father of All” was wiped.

I still need to get them to Awuxhull and meet the rest of their crew but I might be able to get Seekers done the way I want it for once so far in the story without having to split it up.