Xaythea Magical Alchemy

Magic in Xaythea is a rather interesting topic.  For starters, there are two types of magic which are regular magic (also known “pure essence”) and dark magic (also known as the “magician’s lust”).   Magic comes from the God Calius who is the God of Magic and often appears as a wizened old man full of energy or an owl. He is also important to seers and healers.  Dark Magic on the other hand can be granted by Vamdes (God of Death) or Etar (God of War).  Etar appears as a bear most often when traveling among Xaythea.

Which races can use magic?

Magic is restricted to a few races:

Kitsune who specialize in illusions and dream walking/manipulating dreams and nightmares



Humans though very few humans can use magic




Centaurs have a magic affinity from the time they are ten years of age.  Centaurs usually become seers, healers and warriors.


Of the animals that can use magic, they are the following:



Dragons use elemental magic related to their breath

Kuvninean can manipulate weather and electricity but there is no magic among them.

Magic is thought of as something mysterious and powerful.  Like physical strength, magic has what is known as mana, something only those blessed with magic may possess. Not all members of the races listed above will be able to use magic for there are some who do not get magic.  It’s a 50/50 chance.   Mana may come from the earth which is coalesced within the soul, this is normal magic.   Dark Magic also needs mana to run, however this is usually taken from inhumane practices such as human sacrifice or the power of blood/soul damage.  Damage to the soul can be difficult if not impossible to heal. Ultimately all magic is tied to the fifth element Aether, the spiritual energy that runs through all things.

Dark magic is anything with the intent to harm. Necromancy, using magic for one’s personal gain, trying to cheat Vamdes out of death as everything has to die barring the gods & goddesses, and searching for means to make one immortal; anything that destroys the soul, whether one’s own or someone else’s, blood magic, or human sacrifice. The problem with the soul is when venturing into dark magic it begins to taint the soul. If you stop there won’t be a lot of damage to it but the further you go into dark magic, the more twisted your soul becomes until there’s no emotion or feeling but negative ones.

The above explains the secret of the Sea Rover captain’s first mate.  

What is the punishment for using Dark Magic?

Those who delve into the dark find their souls and minds torn so that when they eventually die they suffer the following punishments depending on how bad they were:

Become restless and malevolent spirits who reside and wander the Lost Ones Valley of Souldes forever, never to rest and be tormented by all their past deeds. Calius is known to hangout with Vamdes and watch the people who abused his gift turn insane as they get lost within the mist.

Being turned into a Wendigo or a Razwal, a creature that feeds off magic and is highly intelligent.

Being turned into a Revenant, often the punishment for the most evil of beings and the most powerful of the dark magic users.

What about the use of magic against inanimate objects with the intent to harm?

Using magic against inanimate objects would not carry a twisting of one’s soul.  Using it with the implication that it would lead to harm would be seen as a gray area to Calius.  Assuming one was not intentionally or willfully allowing themselves to be used in such a manner, there would be no risk to the soul and mind, however doing so willfully would  cause chipping.  Like paint chipping off a frame for example, darkness would begin chipping at the edges of the soul and mind.

What about in self-defense?
Self-defense and the use of dark magic, should one need to resort to it, would create only weakness for a few hours to days, depending on the length of time.  It would also cause headaches and possibly soreness throughout one’s entire body but there would be no severe backlash.  Calius and Nitrix would need to be asked for forgiveness though for such a sin.
How does alchemy play into Xaythea?
At this point I am unsure how exactly alchemy will play into the world of Jewels of Falaindale.  Alchemy would involve the use of potions, trying to gain immortality, turning metal into silver or gold.  It is a strength of the cultural capital of the planet, that is the city of Kaladorei It will involve transmutations and a mixture of crafting and magic.
How would one gain repentance from Calius and Nitrix?
Calius likes books and scrolls.  He also has a sweet tooth so if one left a book of some ancient text and a pastry he would be pleased.   Nitrix, on the other hand, enjoys vegetables and fruits.
What is the price for being a seer?
The price for being a seer is exchanging one sight for another.  That is, one loses their physical sight in order to gain the sight.  A person who trades their sight to become a seer remains blind forever and cannot be healed.

What is the price for being a healer?

The price for being a healer is a rapid deterioration of the body.  Wounds can be taken from the victim to the healer which they may be unable to heal and damage to the soul is difficult if not impossible to heal and can be tiring.    It is painful for the recipient of the healing and relies on touch as well as causing damage to the mind over a period of time, particularly when trying to heal someone who is near death. The healer ends up feeling the pain and emotions of the dying person.  They also cannot heal those who are dead as they don’t have the power of resurrection, to try would result in killing the healer.

What types of magic are there?
Magicians would end up using the element Aether which fuels their arcane abilities or magic.  It is sometimes known as the uniting element for it unites all the other elements of nature, being part of the world in everything. Those with the fifth element can also read auras and use aura in attacks.
“Pure Essence” also known as regular magic which includes spell crafting/weaving, transmutation and warding. Usually uses tomes, conjuring and summoning.
Dark Magic or “the magician’s lust” which be further divided into blood magic, necromancy or soul magic. Curses and hexes could also be considered Dark Magic.
Runic magic, using runes to cast spells.  Most often used with alchemy and normal magic.
Illusions is basically magic of the mind, an inherit ability of Kitsune but some others can delve into this branch of magic through hard study and work.
Elemental Magic is being able to manipulate one of the elements (fire, water, ice, lightning, light, darkness, earth, air & plants) and use one or all (though usually one is all someone can control) spells relating to said element.  Fire elementals would have difficulty using water magic and water elementals would have difficulty using earth.  Earth would have difficulty with air and air difficulty with lightning which has difficulty with ice weak to fire, plants weak to fire and lightning and aether weak to plants.
All magic requires intense years of study and the same is true of alchemy.   All magic requires a price, sometimes one’s sanity or someone’s or their own life.
What are seers exactly?
Seers, also known as prophets, are the most empathetic of their race and the other races within Xaythea, leaving them much more attuned to the emotions and mannerisms of others.  They have the ability to get visions of the past, present or future which can present themselves as gently as dreams or violent seizures.  They have no magic but do have some limited telekinesis and telepathy.   They are much more prone to bouts of psychosis, some reaching a point where they can no longer tell the present from the future. They often devolve into episodes of writing or sketching solely to express whatever images have been left in their mind.  Visions can be played out differently depending on the seer, either in a trance with a more linear progression of events, quick flashes, or simply impressions of what’s to come.  Seers can be used to track people down through scyring or clairvoyance which they use to locate people/objects or create a mental map of an area.

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