JOF Progress 12

Hello everyone.  I have not updated in a little while but I have recently started working on Aventurine of Opportunity again as my muse has come back and am on page 3 of The Chase.  I have been sharing it with VeiledPariah who is still busy so I am going to try to draw some animals for everyone.  Mind you I’m nowhere near as good as VeiledPariah so you’ll have to forgive me for my lack of talent.    I have an idea for an underwater city that was like a second home for the twins’ and the Pendry family but I am unsure how to implement such a thing with 17th century technology as I am unsure when technology on earth began going towards submarines.  But as my therapist suggested, perhaps they are more advanced than humans on earth at the time period the series is set in, however I worry it will mess with the overall time period for Jewels of Falaindale.


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