JOF Progress 11

Hello everyone.  After a few months of not working on Aventurine of Opportunity, or really anything else, I was bored and decided to work a bit on The Chase which if you remember from an earlier post is Chapter 6 of Aventurine of Opportunity.  There is not a lot written yet but I did change “the larger ship” to “the Sea Rover” and continued from there to go onto page 2 of Chapter 6.   I have not yet planned anything beyond Kirkemere Hollow, which readers and followers may remember is Chapter 7.  I am hoping to make some good progress on this chapter and continue throughout the rest of the new year. My muse seems to have come back, at least for this, which makes me happy.

Also, if you have any questions concerning the world of Xaythea, the crew, the series or anything you may have a question about concerning JOF, please post in the comments and I will answer them in a future post.


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