Extinct Races of Xaythea

Hello everyone.  I am going to give you some extinct races that are no longer a part of Xaythea as well as their lifespans.


0-3 years:: infant

4-25 years:: child

26-35 years:: adolescent*

36-40 years:: young adult**

41+ years:: adult onward

*average time of “freeze”

**average end of the “freeze”

Demons were immortal and aged fairly normally, freezing anywhere between adolescence and young adult.  They were an evil and malicious race, said to be created by Vamdes himself and their primary gestation was 270-days.  Demons were unable to adapt like elves, who are made by Nitrix, and thus perished.


0-6 years:: infant

7-25 years:: child

26-70 years:: adolescent

71-500 years:: young adult

501-1,000 years:: adult

1,001-5,000 years:: elder

5,001+ years:: ancient

Fairies were immortal but slow to age. They sometimes bred with humans and elves, creating hybrids between the two races.  Their primary gestation was 100-day gestation.   They died sometime after the giants.


0-3 years:: infant
4-10 years:: child
11-18 years:: adolescent
19-50 years:: young adult
51-450 years:: adult
451-500 years:: elder

Giants died out around the same time as Kirin, roughly 500 years before the twins were born. They grew and matured roughly like humans but few ever reached 500 years of age due to their violent nature though there were some who preferred living in solitude.  Their primary gestation was 300 days.  It is said in legends that giants were the precursor race to humans and shifters, created after the Ancient Ones.


0-1 years:: fresh spawn
2-3 years:: child
4-6 years:: kid
7-9 years:: adolescent
10-15 years:: young adult
16-30 years:: adult
31-40 years:: elder

Goblins were subterranean dwellers who often were at war with their cousins, the dwarves.  Sunlight was harmful to them and they tended to drag early races down into the depths of mountains to work for them, thus they often moved around outside at night for the sun was blinding.  They were exceptionally short-lived and very fast aging. Average lifespan for a goblin was around 30 to 40 years.  Their primary gestation was 90 days.  Some believe that the goblins never went extinct and are in hiding deep within the mountains.



0-6 years:: infant
7-25 years:: child
26-70 years:: adolescent
71-500 years:: young adult
501-1,000 years:: adult
1,001-5,000 years:: elder
5,001+ years:: ancient

Cousins of the fairies, many races considered them pests and vermin.  They liked playing tricks on travelers by swooping down on their heads or weaving illusions that made them think they were lost.  However, their pranks didn’t have bad intentions and were rarely harmful.  They were tiny creatures, no bigger than a human’s hand and had green skin with elven features.  Their primary gestation was 30 days.


0-1 years:: newborn foal
2-4 years:: young foal
5-15 years:: adolescent
16-80 years:: young adult
81-900 years:: adult
901-1.500 years:: elder
1,501+ years:: ancient

Kirin were a cousin of the unicorn and deer-like in appearance.  Though immortal, the kirin aged fairly quickly until late adolescence.  Their growth then slowed substantially.  Their primary gestation was 220 days.  Kirin were the demonic cousins of Kirin and went extinct around the time of the giants, roughly 500 years before the twins were born.  Kirin possessed a diverse range of magical abilities including metal bending, foresight, and shaping illusions.  Kirin were hunted by some of the top predators of Xaythea but had many natural defenses such as their horns.



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