Anger and Abuse (A Poem from Silent Stalker)

Hello.  Today I am going to share with you a poem.  I first wrote it in Creative Writing class in 11th grade at eighteen. It was later published in Silent Stalker (March 21, 2007) at 21 and will be in my anthology, Celestial Lights, which is currently in progress and a book of all my poems and short stories.   I hope you enjoy it.

I sit on my bed drinking Hawaiian Punch

Thinking of my abuse and blood

Emotional outbreaks of anger send me to a mental hospital

Salamanders and fire make me wonder…

Wonder about who I am?

Dragon flames and fire fill the room around me

Making me gasp for air because I’m blacking out

Leave fall through the room as I sink to my knees and I wonder

Wonder why I’m abused and filled with anger.

I think I know why

It’s because I’m a troubled fire child.

But you tell me this

Am I really at fault for who I am?

Am I really at fault?

©2005, 11th grade @ 18 years


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