Ascension Requiem Comic

Greetings everyone.  I have started a comic which is on my deviantart account.  The link to the cover of my comic can be found here: Ascension Requiem Cover.  It will be updated every Wednesday.  I have not been writing a lot lately on my fan fiction or JOF due to two reasons; one is that I am sick and trying to recover from a virus cold before Christmas Eve as I will be going to mom’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and the second reason is that I’ve been getting some harsh comments on my stories, specifically my fan fic Phantom Betrayal calling me an animal abuser because I either have Hedwig killed in a lot of my stories as I cannot see any real reason for her to remain at his side and don’t want to go with the usual with Hedwig being a witch trapped in her animagus form or being able to take on a human form or really being some weird type of phoenix.

My opinion on animal abusers…they need to be taken out and shot on national television.  Especially if they have kids, chances are if you abuse an animal you’re going to abuse your kids.  Of course I also believe this should be done to rapists/child molesters and spouses who harm their spouse; yes both men and women can abuse their spouse however men don’t often report it.

Regarding fan fiction, I am currently finishing up The Mummy trilogy (the one set in 1999) and finished up the Librarian trilogy which was interesting as I had never heard of it. The reason for this is I am attempting something on an Archaeology loving Harry Potter challenge which is researching Estonia as that is where the secondary character is from and allowing me to throw in Koldovstoretz and all the information I came up for about that school.  I am also working on a Lion King/Harry Potter crossover which will help me with Scar’s reign in my LK fan fic, Honor of Blood and of course slowly working on my other stories I have in a cycle.

My avatar the last airbender fan fic has been updated since I won’t be here on December 24th Insha Allah, assuming how my cold goes.  I have 13 stories in the works on a schedule plus throwing in time for JOF which I need to get back into planning Chapters 6 or 7 through 10 which I haven’t really felt like doing.

Writing Schedule:

Kingdom of Heaven-Every 2 weeks (Harry Potter)

Parrot Design-Once a month (Pokemon)

Ionad Sàbhailte-Once a month (Harry Potter)

Avatar The Forgotten Era-Once every 3 months (Avatar the Last Airbender)

Aeternum Dominarus Nox-Once a week (Harry Potter)

Codex-Every 2 weeks (Harry Potter)

Beast Master-Once every 2 months (Harry Potter x Percy Jackson)

Sanguinem Domus-Once a week (Harry Potter)

Phantom Betrayal-Once every 3 months (Harry Potter)

Shattered Glass-Once every 4 months (Pokemon)

Winter’s Lament-Twice every 5 months (Harry Potter x Twilight)

Senshi-Once every 5 months (Harry Potter x Pokemon)

Ancient Winds-Once every 2 months (Harry Potter x Xovers)

I have not been keeping up on my writing schedule for this either sadly but am slowly working on it.


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