Nano Day 15 2018

Hello.  Today I did a bit of writing on The Chase, chapter six.  I started it today in a thanksgiving group I went to, more information in a bit on my personal blog, The Logan Times.  I also wrote a bit for a fan fic called Sanguinem Dominus, a Harry Potter fan fic I am replacing from Hocking Serial as that story is a bust though I hope to write and publish it.

I am happy with my progress on The Chase as I have been attempting, and failing, to concentrate on Nano.  I just am not doing well at writing unless it is focusing on Aventurine of Opportunity.  Does that make me a bad writer? I don’t know but my love of my series and my continuous world building is what makes me happy right now.  Counting the bit from The Chase and the bit from my fan fic, I got a total of 418 words written today which I am proud of as I haven’t written a lot within the past few days.


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