JOF Progress 10

I got Seekers done on Wednesday, October 31st 2018.  That’s right folks, I got it done on Halloween.  Well I’ve spent the last few days rewriting Seekers as when I went to type it up it was over 5,000 words and people hate that apparently, chapters being less than 3,000 words and over 5,000 words. Splitting time…yes something I didn’t want to do but did to not piss off any future readers of Jewels of Falaindale series.  So Chapter Four became The Chirping Fox, aptly named thanks to it taking place in the tavern mostly, to Chapter Five being Seekers which means Chapter Six is The Chase and Chapter Seven is Kirkmere Hollow.  I finished Seekers by writing next to Cheyenne who was more interested in taking a long nap and spent most of my time working on that, drinking some hot chocolate and chatting with Janessa.

After that I spent several days recording and re-recording over Voice Memos on my phone (which has to be downloaded but is free) all five, yes five, chapters! Why? Well this is a present for Veil.  A present I had been meaning to do for a while.  I was going to wait until I got a computer mic and headphones but hey…this is a heck of a lot easier and less costly for me.

So right now I am merging all six tracks (yes six as I recorded an author introduction) online using audio joiner, then download it, fit it to my movie thing in Windows Movie Maker and then upload it to Youtube.  Once I get it on Youtube, I will see about posting the video on here.  Adios!


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