JOF Progress 4

Hello everyone.  I apologize for being an idiot, I forgot that I have three other creatures for the JOF Settings.  I will be posting one on Thursday and might have some more over the next few days, it depends on how busy VeiledPariah is and if he gets any rest. I’m patient, I expect my readers to be as well.

This update is the fact that I have come up with a universal-wide currency on Xaythea instead of separate money systems.  This makes it easier to for paying armies, buying goods and services and trade…things that one would likely do in the 17th century.

From least worth to most worth we have the following coins:

  • Vicla-iron (least worth)
  • Rebiso-bronze
  • Pagdo-copper
  • Crescents-silver
  • Fiya-zinc
  • Arboa-platinum
  • Iso-gold (most worth)

Vicla has a slight sheen to it due to having some nickle mixed in with it.  It helps distinguish the coin from weapons which are made of iron and steel though arrows are of course made from wood.  Then we have Souls which is worth the most and is cash.  Souls come in the following denominations though only the nobility really only have 75 to 1,000 Soul notes. The Souls in red are generally seen among the poorer classes and servants along with coins though they also usually only have Vicla to Rebiso coins, Souls in purple are what the working class, merchants/traders generally have and they have from Vicla to Crescents in coins, Souls in royal blue are generally reserved for nobility/the rich people along with all coins from Vicla to Iso and of course all Souls.

  • 1 Soul
  • 2 Soul
  • 5 Soul
  • 10 Soul
  • 15 Soul
  • 20 Soul
  • 50 Soul
  • 75 Soul
  • 100 Soul
  • 500 Soul
  • 1,000 Soul

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