JOF Progress 3

I am pleased to announce I have finished The Long Path as of yesterday or rather, to be accurate, early this morning (around 4AM or something EST for those readers within the United States).  I had to do some editing to get the chapter down to the correct word length but I have managed it.  My only mistake was not including a paragraph within my notebook that I had typed into my private discord chat with VeiledPariah.  This may not seem like much but it messes me up when I have something typed in Microsoft Word that is not in my notebook.   So, I had to go back and rewrite everything from a certain point.

The Long Path is 8  pages/4,680 words in Microsoft Word and 16 1/2 pages in my notebook.

I have started working on Seekers which is chapter 3 of Aventurine of Opportunity.  So far, the page count for the book is 18 pages/8,746 words in Microsoft Word.  So, I would say that is good progress in my opinion.  As my goal is to get a book out in this series every two years, I need to do quite a bit of work in order to achieve this.  I have not even started planning chapters four through six yet though if Seekers ends the way I hope, I know how it will begin.


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