JOF Chapter Title Change 1

So, I haven’t been doing much work yet and Veil is in the field and I am not pressuring Veil for drawings so that is why there have been no new scenes or creatures.  Development within the world has been slow and it looks like I will be splitting chapter two up again as I am currently 6 pages in of Chapter 2 and 3,256 words.  So I am not entirely sure yet if the chapter will need splitting into two or not, but I will find out as I get there.  I have also changed the title of the second chapter to The Long Path while Chapter 3 is titled Seekers.  This remains to be seen whether it will remain Seekers or not.  Tomorrow I have a busy day but will try to work a bit more on The Long Path today and tomorrow…perhaps I will get it done in the next day or two and can focus on Seekers…but this also leaves me with planning which I also need to do for the fourth chapter which is as of yet untitled and unformed within my head.


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