The second poem from the mind of a serial killer, continuing from Nightfears.  ©2009

Walking up to your door in the middle of the night

Gripping the knife in my pocket and pulling my hat down over my eyes

I knock on the door and step inside looking around

The television is turned up on maximum volume.

That’s good, really good I think to myself

It will muffle out your screams

Having you all to myself

“Hello my dear.” I say with an evil gleam in my eyes.

Your mouth drops open in horror as you see the knife held high above your head

Before you can scream I wrap my fingers around your throat

I’m not going to kill you yet my pet

Just making sure you don’t alert the neighbors or the police to this location.

“Scream and it will be all over sweetie. You don’t want to make me angry.” I tell her

I can see you breathing hard and hear your heart beating hard against your chest

My fingers loosen their grip on the blade and I keep the knife at your throat as we go to your bed room

Your husband’s out at work and won’t be back until tomorrow

By that time I’ll have had my way with you and you’ll be dead.

Smiling with anticipation I pull my shirt off and shove you on your back

“Bitch if you value your life then keep your mouth shut!”

I take my knife and start cutting off her clothes

Laughing hysterically I hold you down and shove myself inside you hard.

I can see your sobs choking your throat as you fight not to scream

I lean my face close to yours and whisper in your ear how easy you are

Lick the tears from your eyes and I feel you shudder beneath me

By the end of the night you’ll be begging for me.

As the blood starts to flow out of you and my sperm mixes with the blood

I feel an invisible flow of energy coursing through my veins

I go all night and then stare down at the mess on the sheet

I take my knife and slit your throat from ear to ear.

Looking at my watch I see it’s almost six in the morning

Knowing I have to get rid of the body I wrap you in the bloody sheet and carry you outside to your car

Drive down the road into the countryside

No one is going to find you babe for a long time.

I pick up the shovel and start digging a hole

Ripping the sheet back to expose your face I give one you one final kiss and touch your cold breasts for the last time

Then toss you in the hole and cover it up.

I throw my shirt and the knife in a river a few yards away then drive your car to a cliff and stop

Put the car in neutral and shove it off the cliff

The police won’t know that you were murdered

They’ll think you took a detour and killed yourself.

The sun warms my back as I walk off to a cottage where my car is hidden behind a group of trees

Fall back on the bed and shut my eyes

Planning my next move, and picking my next victim

I already know what I’m going to do to the next bitch I meet.


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