The next few poems  I will be posting are dark in nature, captured from the mind of a serial killer.  I posted these on Open Diary, back before it changed, and was told in one comment that I capture the mind of a serial killer quite well.   Read at your own risk but enjoy all the same a different view into how dark I can become. ©2009

Staring through a pair of binoculars in the twilight

I smile as I watch your form appear in the window

The blinds halfway down obscuring your body I let out a low whistle

Licking my lips in anticipation of the hunt.

The hunt that I cherish each passing night

My heart beats hard against my chest pumping the blood up to my brain

A cigarette dangles from my mouth as the blood boils in my veins

Biting my lip and running my fingers over the smooth sharp blade of my 12 inch knife in  my pocket.

You lift up the blinds as night falls thinking no one is watching you

Unaware of the predator that sits across the street from you

As your naked form stops at the open window

A cold breeze flows around you tossing your hair about your face.

My blood starts to boil with hunger as I see the goosebumps appear on

your breasts and I swallow as your nipples go hard from the cold

Completely unaware of what I’m planning to do to you later on in the night

I sit enjoying the free entertainment as I can feel the changes in my body

A show so enthralling and the best part is I don’t need to pay money for it.

You don’t know what’s about to occur but I do

Having set up secret cameras in your bedroom and bathroom without your knowledge.

I know your entire schedule and had been planning this night for months

I barely feel the cold never taking my eyes off your perky breasts as my mouth waters at what I’d like to do to you.

You never knew of the rejection I felt, and alas will never know

As I set my sights on the hunt that is to come

Can’t wait for your screams to start

For the blood to start flowing not only from your throat but from secret places that you flaunt so easily like a cheap whore on the street.

Your darkest fear is yet to come true

If only you realized  all the hurt I’d suffered

Then I might  have spared you.


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