JOF Lands

There are several worlds within Xaythea.  Some are home to one particular race, others are home to several different races.  Each land has their own geography and settlements. Long ago giants and trolls roamed the land, these two semi-sentient races soon passed into the afterlife.  This connects with my newest post (published October 12, 2018) called Super Continents.


  • Humans, Dargmon and Suon Wolves live here
  • Weaver Islands (10 islands) lie off Unicorn Coast and the largest island chain on Xaythea
  • Moonsun Forest with Twilight River flowing through it is home to the Suon Wolves
  • Trizale Desert is located here with Dargmon living in this barren landscape along with werewolves and the metropolis of Sokjin


  • Home to the fallen kingdom of Falaindale and the twins’ birthright
  • Humans, night dwellers, shifters, ghost dogs, elves, orcs and werewolves
  • Zulabree is home to the longest river in Xaythea, Junuvia (pronounced “Joo-nu-vee-ah”)
  • Zualbree Sea separates Zualbree to the west and Alondale to the east
  • Four Seasons Forest lies here with East being summer, West being autumn, North being winter and South being spring
  • Zuberry Desert is the largest desert in Zulabree


  • Home of the Werebears, Werecats, Dwarves, and Humans
  • A land of tundra, mountains and fertile valleys
  • Artsnow Ocean is the northernmost ocean, surrounding Frostbite Island and extending along the entire northern coast; very cold and freezes over in winter
  • Hemlock river runs east to west
  • Banurb Mountains are often cold with icy winds and jagged peaks; winter lasts eight out of fourteen months with a short three month autumn and a short planting season of just two months; Banurb is pronounced “Ban-orb”
  • South of the supercontinent Vaizuin (pronounced Vay-oo-zin)


  • Home to Werebears, Lightning People with their pet Thunder Hawks, Humans, Shifters
  • Shizam river is the longest river in Clolight, runs east to west
  • Ribbon River runs north to south
  • Putay Sea separates Clolight and Mosun in the west with Clolight being the easternmost land
  • Klixok Mountains lie within Clolight; Klixok is pronounced “Ki-lee-zok”


  • Malmorn live here with vampires, shifters, Dargmon, and orcs.
  • Ancestral home of the Malmorn, Werebear and Werecats.
  • Artsnow Ocean-lies between Snowdale and Storzine
  • Has the most wildest and unpredictable weather here, known for its furious spring and summer storms
  • The area off the southern coast is known for its whirlpools and a Maelstrom lies off the western coast


  • Night Dwellers and Ghost Dogs live here along with vampires and werewolves
  • A land of Departed Souls
  • Barren and charred landscape where the air smells of sulfur and volcanoes dot the landscape
  • Rumored to be the home to the God of Death, Vamdes
  • Zorn Sea surrounds Souldes
  • Stone Forest lies here where the Night Dwellers live
  • Westernmost land, a place where the living dread going and the most mysterious of the land areas


  • Home to the Starkey Birds, Runimagi, Humans and Shifters
  • Situated off of Turanaia Sea which surrounds it
  • Coconut River runs through it in a west to east direction, emptying out into the sea
  • Lies southeast of Clolight


  • Land of the Runimagi though humans, shifters and halflings also live here
  • Southernmost land, a place of dense jungles and volcanoes
  • Tropical climate
  • Bini River flows north to south
  • Ivy River which is the longest river in Mosun, flows east to west
  • The people live in trees and know how to navigate without ever touching the ground
  • Famay Marsh-lies in the border of Alondale and Mosun, making Alondale north of Mosun
  • Kaybar Desert is located here

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