JOF Setting 2


Drawn by VeiledPariah, we have a fish from Jewels of Falaindale series.   It is the newest drawing that Veil has done for me.   This can also be found on my deviantart acccount.

This charming and seldom seen creature is a type of fish. It’s about the size of a catfish, has two strong side fins, a short, ribbon-like dorsal fin and a huge, powerful tail and small anal fin.  They have a thick, smooth skin covered in thick, coarse scales, which is usually either purple, light pink or pink or a combination of these colors.  They live in deep waters and are quite common. They’re herbivores and their fairly small mouths and long tongue are ideal for eating hard corals.  They’re crepuscular and rely on their sense of smell and hearing to get around. They do have large, round eyes, but their sight is not too great.  They have lack of a visible nose and pretty much no visible ears. Their heads are small and narrow in comparison to their bodies.  These creatures are very calm, and they won’t defend their territory much. They mate three times a year and they mate with a select few partners for life.


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