JOF Progress 1

Greetings everyone.   Much to my disbelief I apparently finished chapter one of Aventurine of Opportunity on April 26, 2018 without realizing it.  Today I got the chapter typed up into Microsoft Word and out of curiosity looked up the average length of a novel chapter.   I didn’t want it to be too short nor too long so found something that said between 3,000 to 5,000 words is considered by most authors/writers to be perfect with anything under 1,000 words as too short and anything over 5,000 words as being relativity too long.   The chapter is titled The Quest and is 17 pages in my notebook but 8 pages on Microsoft Word.  It is 4,362 words (counting the title) and I am going to try to aim for this length every chapter throughout not only the book but the entire series if possible.   So, I have chapter 2 planned out, minus the title.  I am going to take a break for the rest of the evening and try to begin working on it tomorrow.  In the meantime I am also working on some fan fiction as well and got the cousin of one of my creations within the book series typed up.


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