Dragon Riders’ Song

A song I wrote that was sung by the dragon riders of old for Post IC AU on a now dead Inheritance Cycle forum on fanfiction.net.  It was a spur of the moment thing.

The song was taught to the riders’ of old and only two riders know of it, an elf rider named Maradik (a riderless rider who was a friend of my character Shenzi and belonged to an RP’er named Luck) who was in hiding for a century and a garnet rider named Shenzi Blackthorn; once a student of the elf rider Thuviel and then believed dead by the Order when Shenzi and his garnet Nova were kidnapped by Morzan and his terror beast.

© July 26, 2014

Bonded through an ancient spell

Hearts, minds and soul are joined

Oaths of protection we have sworn

To serve the land and the people.

Soaring over the land and sea

Through the air a rainbow of multi-colored scales

Wings flapping in the breeze

The Dragon Riders are here.

Duty calls, duty calls

We will search the land

For enemies and help the poor

This is our stand.

Loyal to the Order

Loyal to each other

Riders take up your swords

Dragons answer the call.

Through heart and mind and spirit

We are joined as one

This is our duty

To help those in need.

Roars sound throughout the air

Sky lizards roam the land

Riders come at beck and call

The time of the riders is here.

Ancient magic we have shaped

Fangs and claws shine brightly

Beneath the sun and the moon

A rider’s work is never done.

Hear the call, hear the call

Sound throughout the land

Join together, join together

To help our fellow kin.

Take up the sword and the mantle

Take up the duty of the oaths you swore

Armor yourself against the arrow

Dragons let loose your fury.

Riders fly throughout the land

Aiding your fellow man

Strike the enemy down when found

Let justice ring throughout the land.

Rider and dragon merge your minds

Merge your hearts and your souls

Protect the gem within the sky

The gem of wisdom is doomed if it falls.

So, hear the call, hear the call

Prepare yourselves for a fight

Join together, join together

The riders are here to stay.

Hear the roars in the sky

See the blades flashing

Years and years of training

To become peace keepers of the land.

So, smite thine enemies where they stand

Embrace the call of the people

To fight for justice is our cause

The riders are here to stay.

A rider’s job is never done

Training that lasts an immortal lifetime

Hear the shouts, hear the roars

Immortal ones live to serve.

Join together, join together

Hear the call of the people

Step up to your duty

The riders are here to stay.

Hear the call, hear the call

Join together, join together

With tooth and claw and blade

The Dragon Riders will fly again.


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