JOF Book 1 April 9th

Thanks to the help of a, well I suppose I would consider them a friend, has helped me out with the first paragraph and then some of Aventurine of Opportunity.   I am focusing on this book and the series for now, minus November when I will be working on my project for NANO as mentioned in a previous post.  I apologize for not writing in my blog, I have honestly forgotten about it and didn’t really have anything to update that would be interesting.   I have two versions of covers and haven’t decided yet which to use for the first book.

Version 1:

aventurine of opportunity

Version 2:

ao 2

Version 2 has the ruins of a citadel in the background while version 1 has an Aventurine in the center of the image.  I am unsure which cover to use.

I have the first chapter planned out and am slowly working on it, with my friend’s reminders.  They’re known as VeiledPariah on RPN who I also role play on Discord in a private server detailing Veil’s loner and myself plus my pups for the werewolf role play.


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