Taiyo’s Lullaby

This lullaby is something Taiyo sung to his sister Hotaru that was sung to him by their mother.   It was for the same Wolf’s Rain RP forum I used to be part of that died in 2014.

© February 3, 2014

Little wolf go to sleep
I’ll be here for you
So, snuggle up next to me
I will always protect you.
Child of the moon
Child of the earth
You’re a hunter on the prowl.
Safety lies in the pack
Nobody can hurt you here
Don’t cry little child
The pack will always be here.
Swift of foot carries you
Across the ground
Blessed children of the moon
Raise your head and howl.
Symphony of harmony
Rings through the air
Within the pack you’ll be safe
Within the pack you’re home.
Children of the moon
Silent and deadly
Beware the man with the gun
For he is our enemy.
So, rest your weary head little one
I’ll be here to protect you always
Safety lies in the pack
Children of the moon.



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